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Deb Rabbai is an expert and experienced:


* Corporate host

* Facilitator 

* Roleplayer

* Accredited Coach


She specializes in hosting general sessions and leading breakout sessions and has done so for the last 20 years. Her improvisational and comedic background make every session feel unique and ensure every participant enjoys themselves.


Deb's international experience has taken her to Portugal, Mexico, Germany, London, Canada, Colombia and France. She was the lead facilitator of a 3-day experiential leadership training session that was co-designed for and by Molson Coors for their top-level executive leaders in the United States.


Contact Deb for more information on how she can make your next meeting great!

Happy clients include:

Deb Rabbai is one of the best facilitator-trainers I know! She is such a clear communicator, everyone always gets it. In group role play trainings she is so versatile that she can wear both hats--the facilitator and the role player, and she is funny to boot. I have seen her completely disarm nervous trainees using this technique. Deb always gets the details right, can handle every personality type, and consistently delivers superior training. When Deb is running the show, I know I don't have to worry about a thing!


Terry Sommer, Director

The Morchand Center for Clinical Competence

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Deb brings a potent mix of positivity and tenacity to her work as a training facilitator and role play actor.  

Her significant emotional intelligence and fearless improvisational skills are unusually combined with a forensic attention to detail and logic where necessary.  It makes her a very responsive and adept trainer and a very tuned in role player.


Her sense of the whole makes her able to respond to changing dynamics,  often characteristic of a training situation.  She has demonstrated a great ability to re-formulate activities to achieve a successful and client-centered outcome.

It’s also great fun working with her as I have done with Barclaycard, Molson Coors, ThomsonReuters and BT.


Anthony Richards, Director

Dramatic Improvement

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